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Current UVCB Director

After teaching music for decades at colleges and secondary schools, Mark moved to the Upper Valley in the summer of 2014. He has immersed himself in the region’s musical life, taking on the roles of conductor, teacher, composer, and singer. In addition to leading the Upper Valley Community Band, he directs the Lyme Town Band, the Upper Valley Chamber Orchestra, and an a cappella group, Harmony Night.  He also coaches youth ensembles, and teaches music-appreciation seminars, at the Upper Valley Music Center.  A published musicologist and theorist, he has a particular interest in 20th-century American music.  He is deeply committed to promoting among ensemble members, audiences, and students the joys of musical discovery.



Cindy has been a member of the band for over 25 years, and acted as Associate Director of the UVCB from 1992 until she resigned from the position in 2018. Cindy remains a vital member of the band, playing flute, piccolo, and a variety of other woodwind instruments. She resides in West Lebanon with her husband Guy and Goel, the youngest of her three sons.



Becky Luce has loved teaching music in the Upper Valley since her student teaching days in early 1976. She graduated from Keene State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, and earned her Master's Degree in Music Education from Boston University. 
Becky's teaching career has included everything from Preschool music through college, with the bulk of her time spent at the elementary and middle school levels. Additionally, she spent time teaching first grade in Honduras. for the last ten years, she has taught general and vocal music at the Bernice A. Ray School in Hanover where she continually changes herself to find effective ways to share her love of music with her students. 
Becky has spent the last four summers as the director of the Vineyard Haven Town Band, a community group that performs on Martha's Vineyard. This has been particularly meaningful as she played bassoon and euphonium in that grou as a student, and several childhood friends and her brother are still performing members. She also teaches piano to several students throughout the year and delights in their annual recital every June. 
Becky is pleased to be leading the Upper Valley Community Band and is thankful to all individual members who dedicate their time to this group.

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Although no longer with us, Carole Blake was closely connected to the Upper Valley Community Band for many years. She spent 30 years as Director of UVCB until January 2014, when she retired and graduated to the post of “Director Emeritus”. In March of 2016, Carole passed away at the age of 73.

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